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What is "Occupy Y'all Street"? 

Occupy Y'all Street is an national campaign launched by the National Association of Community Chambers of Commerce (NACCC).   The campaign is designed to help consumers leverage their collective buying power to raise funding for local entrepreneurs and students seeking funding for college. 


CSTI handle all the marketing and event planning for the Occupy Y'all Street Campaign. 

Here is how it works:

Consumers join the Occupy Y'all Street campaign through the local chapter of their Community Chamber of Commerce.  Through the Occupy Y'all Street app consumers are able to promote  businesses and organizations that partner with their communities using  social media and through monthly and annual community events hosted by the Community Chamber. 

Up to 80% of the revenue received from sponsorships and chamber memberships are contributed to the local Community Shark Tank hosted by the Community Chamber of Commerce. 

The Community Shark Tank panel of judges  consist of  local citizens, hometown professional athletes and celebrities.   Entrepreneurs, social-preneurs or students seeking tuition for college can submit a request for funding to their Community Shark Tank.  

Through the Y'all Street App consumers also earn points toward FREE stuff, discounts and more from their favorite stores and brands. 


*Dallas/Fort Worth,TX  *Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads,VA *Atlanta, GA, *Los Angeles, CA.